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Welcome to my website!

This site is devoted to the sharing of information regarding the development of the harbour in Galway City. Galway is a very vibrant city and is a link city for other countries to Connacht, Munster and the east of the country and I want to know and voice the concerns and comments from the public in relation to the development.

The Galway Harbour is about to undergo a huge change, and it is the size of this change that is the central theme to my thesis. By increasing the port capacity, Galway Harbour Co. will strive to increase its proportion of Irish trade from 2% to 11% by 2020. This is a huge leap as the seaports in Ireland account for 98% of Irish imports/exports. There are a variety of businesses that rely on the harbour and they expect to benefit from the development of it. These businesses include:

  • Coal Import – Donnelly’s Coal
  • Bitumen Import – Coldchon
  • Fuel Import – Topaz Energy Ltd.
  • Waste Export
  • Steel Import
  • Scrap Metal
  • Car Import

The trade of goods has been given a huge boost with the excellent transport infrastructure in Ireland in recent times.

Aside from these material industries, tourism is also expected to thrive. Tourism brings huge revenue to the city, and a surge is anticipated with the introduction of cruise liner stopovers at the harbour.

To the right is an image of what the harbour is expected to look like in 2020, which will be able to accommodate enormous ships as well as having a marina, a rail line and huge storage facilities.

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